Exterior Painting Services

Exterior painting and decorating in Canada requires specific skills. Special types of paints. And professional preparation work too. Luckily, Wallman Painting Services has all of this and more.

Do you need to refresh the look of your home? Give your commercial or office property the kerb appeal it needs to properly welcome new clients? To spruce up a wall? Your garage? Or your shed?

Whatever you need, here’s where you’ll find the exterior painters residents and business owners come to for quality. Reliability. And cost-effectiveness. Perfect for any property type. Get exterior painting and decorating for any type of building. Commercial. Domestic. Or office. And part-buildings and free-standing walls too.

Rely on highly experienced exterior specialists. Painting outside requires different knowledge, skills and equipment to interior work. You will always be sent a vetted and qualified expert. With all of the right training and experience for the job at hand.

Interior Painting Services

Easy to fit in around your home or working schedule. Perfect for everything from a single skirting board to a whole room to your entire property. When you need interior painting and decorating, you’ll be wanting high-quality. Reliability. And, usually, cost-effectiveness too.

Wallman Painting Services gets you exactly that. Tell us about your project. Get a clear quote. Have it confirmed in person by an expert. And then count on the work of interior painters and decorators trusted by citizens, tenants and home and business owners for the past nine years.

Busy working hours or home timetable? No problem. Rely on professionalism and punctuality. With long hours to get your redecoration completed in each day, you can always fit your service in at a convenient time that’s for you.

Domestic Painting Services

Picture high quality workmanship delivered to you under full insurance cover. Imagine a painting and decorating service in Canada that starts with all of the pricing information you need upfront. That sends you a fully trained and experienced professional to your home to discuss your plans with you at no charge. And which you can book anywhere within the nearby area.

Making sure that your home stays clean and tidy is the first step that our domestic painters take. They’ll move or cover all of your furniture, cover carpets, and protect light switches, plug sockets, and other components of your home that can’t be moved. Once the protection is down, it’s time for priming and undercoating. This coat is not always necessary, but when it is we allow it to dry for the technically proscribed time. Following this, it’s time for between one and three layers of paint. Drying is permitting to happen between each coat, until complete coverage is achieved.

Commercial Painting Services

Picture getting work from highly trained and fully insured commercial painters and decorators in Canada. Imagine if your service began with hassle-free quotation over the phone – a quote that included all of the costs involved in your service. And which you’d get confirmed later during a free onsite consultation.

That’s what Wallman Painting Services does for you. Make your booking today, and start your service anywhere within the nearby area today – with a no-obligation consultation at your premises.

In the more than ten years that we’ve been providing this service, we’ve provided commercial painters and decorators to leisure centres, office buildings, multi-floor department stores, hotels, restaurants and cafes, pubs and bars, community centres, school classrooms and school halls, sports centres and gyms, aerobics and dance studios, and many more properties besides.

Office Painting Services

Update your colour scheme to match your brand. Create a real impact in your client-facing areas. Refresh your entire workspace. When you need your office painting and decorating in Canada, Wallman Painting Services give you everything you need.

Convenience. Cost-effectiveness. As well as the kind of quality which local business owners have been relying on for the past nine years. Fit your service in around your busiest opening hours. You will have long working hours to choose from to make your service happen in. It doesn’t matter when your busiest times of day are. You will get the convenience you need.

Minimal-disruption practices in effect. Being made up of highly trained professionals – the only kind we trust as office painters in Canada – means it’s easy for your Wallman Painting Services team to commit to causing very little disturbance while they work. Proper planning and preparation ensure you’ll never see any mess left behind.

Well-suited to your office space. Whatever your business’s primary focus, most office spaces present similar challenges. Especially to the experienced office painters and decorators on our Canada team. They’ve successfully completed projects in all kinds of other commercial environments before too.

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